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Sunday 8-18-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 8: The Lamb Takes the Scroll


Sunday 8-11-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 7: The Throne Room of God


Sunday 8-4-19
Jerry Gupton
We Are Not Promised Tomorrow


Sunday 7-28-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 6: The Church in Laodicea


Sunday 7-21-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 5: The Churches in Sardis & Philadelphia


Sunday 7-14-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 4: The Church in Thyatira


Sunday 7-6-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 3: Letters to the First Three Churches


Sunday 6-30-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 2: Seven Lamp Stands, Seven Angels


Sunday 6-23-19
The Revelation of Jesus Christ
Part 1: Introduction



Sunday 6-16-19
Father's Day: Alex Clark
The Love of a Father


Sunday 6-9-19
Getting to Know Jesus
Part 4:
Jesus The King  


Sunday 6-2-19
Pastor Zal Maldonado
"This is How...!"


Sunday 5-26-19
Getting to Know Jesus
Part 3:
Jesus The Healer


Sunday 5-19-19
Getting to Know Jesus
Part 2:
Jesus The Forgiver


Sunday 5-12-19
Mother's Day
Jessica Clark  


Sunday 5-5-19
Getting to Know Jesus
Part 1:
Jesus The Free Gift


Sunday 4-28-19
Choose Life!
Rejecting a Victim Mentality 


 Easter Sunday 4-21-19
Austin Bailey
"Expiation through Exile"
(The Cross through the Eyes of Jeremiah)


 Easter Sunday 4-21-19
Children's Testimonies


Sunday 4-14-19
1st Corinthians Part 21
"Paul's Closing Words"


 Sunday 4-7-19
1st Corinthians Part 20
"The Importance of The Resurrection"


Sunday 3-31-19
1st Corinthians Part 19
"The God of Order" 


 Sunday 3-24-19
1st Corinthians Part 18
"Tongues & Prophecy in Public Worship"


Sunday 3-17-19
1st Corinthians Part 17
"The Greatest of These is Love" 


Sunday 3-10-19
1st Corinthians Part 16
"One Body; Every Part Matters" 


Sunday 3-3-19
1st Corinthians Part 15
"Unity in Diversity" 


Sunday 2-24-19
1st Corinthians Part 14


Sunday 2-17-19
1st Corinthians Part 13
"Godly Order and Authority"


Sunday 2-10-19
1st Corinthians Part 12
"Let Him Who Thinks He Stands
Take Heed Lest He Fall!"


Sunday 2-3-19
1st Corinthians Part 11
"The Rights of a Minister -
For the Good of the Gospel"


Sunday 1-27-19
Ryan Duke
"Time to Renovate"


Sunday 1-20-19
Deacon Recognition
Alex Clark is anointed as CFC's first Deacon.


Sunday 1-20-19
John Grayson testifies about how the
Lord answered his prayer for a good job.


Sunday 1-20-19
1st Corinthians Part 10
"Christian Liberty and the Weaker Brother"


Sunday 1-13-19
Facebook Live Broadcast
"Putting Storms Into Perspective"


Sunday 1-6-19
First Sunday of 2019
"The Year of Invitation"


Sunday 12-30-18
1st Corinthians Part 9
"Marriage, Divorce, & Singleness"


Sunday 12-23-18
Pastor Greg Blackburn
"Why I Love Christmas"


Sunday 12-16-18
1st Corinthians Part 8
"Sexual Immorality"


Sunday 12-9-18
Christmas Play
"Perspectives of Christmas"


Sunday 12-2-18
1st Corinthians Part 7
"Eschatological People"


Sunday 11-25-18
1st Corinthians Part 6
"A Little Leaven Leavens the Whole Lump"


Sunday 11-18-18
1st Corinthians Part 5
"Immorality in The Church"


Sunday 11-11-18
1st Corinthians Part 4
"Do Not Think Beyond What is Written"


Sunday 11-4-18
1st Corinthians Part 3
"Carnal Christians"


Sunday 10-28-18
Pastor Sonny Pyatt
"The Enabling Power of His Presence"


Sunday 10-21-18
1st Corinthians Part 2
"The Wisdom of Man vs. The Wisdom of God"


Sunday 10-14-18
1st Corinthians Part 1
"The Seduction of Sophia"


Sunday 10-7-18
Pastor Greg Blackburn
"A Time of Testing"

Learning from Job's experience.


Sunday 9-30-18
The Purpose, Requirements, & Benefits
Of The Church Part 4: Benefits

What are the real benefits of The Church?


Sunday 9-23-18
The Purpose, Requirements, & Benefits
Of The Church Part 3: Requirements

What are the requirements of The Church?


Sunday 9-16-18
The Purpose, Requirements, & Benefits
Of The Church Part 2: Purpose

What is the biblical purpose of The Church?


Sunday 9-9-18
The Purpose, Requirements, & Benefits
Of The Church Part 1: Origin

In this series, Pastor Paul Kendall will cover the origin,
purpose, requirements, and benefits of The Church.
This video covers the introduction to the series
and the origin of The Church.


Sunday 8-12-18
The Progression from Darkness to Light


Sunday 8-5-18
Pastor Zal Maldonado

"Does God Punish the Christian?"


Sunday 7-29-18
The Life of King David - Part 17

This is the final message in the series
"The Life of King David."
It deals with the importance of resisting the sin of pride.


Sunday 7-22-18
The Life of King David - Part 16

Will You Be Loyal To The King?


Sunday 7-15-18
The Life of King David - Part 15

Good advice or bad advice ...
How do you know the difference?


Sunday 7-15-18
Jesica Clark's Testimony

Why attend Christ Family Church?
This video says it all.


Sunday 7-8-18
The Life of King David - Part 14

How do you deal with adversity?
Could it be that God is doing something in you
in the midst of adversity? It all comes down
to your perspective.


Sunday 7-1-18
Pastor Josh Bondy

A Global View of the Church


Sunday 6-24-18
The Life of King David - Part 13

Be careful how you judge others …
you may be passing judgment on yourself!


Sunday 6-17-18
The Life of King David - Part 12

Pastor Greg Blackburn: "You Are the Man!"
(Unfortunately, technical problems caused this
message not to record properly. No video available.)

Sunday 6-10-18
The Life of King David - Part 11

The importance of doing things God's way.
Plus; You may be lame in your feet …
but you will ALWAYS have a place at the Lord’s table!


Saturday 6-9-18
The Value of a True Church

CFC Men's Breakfast


Sunday 6-3-18
The Life of King David - Part 10

God can orchestrate things to work together for your
good even when other people do not cooperate!


Sunday 5-27-18
The Life of King David - Part 9

Hearing and Obeying God.
Decisions made without spiritual direction
can be devastating!


Sunday 5-20-18
The Life of King David - Part 8

The Dangers of Discouragement.


Sunday 5-20-18
Ryan Duke Proposes to Cassie Pruitt!

Big surprise at CFC!


Sunday 5-13-18
Mother's Day
Rene' Bailey: "Mary Did You Know?"

Rene' Bailey uses the story of Mary raising
Jesus to encourage modern-day moms.


Sunday 5-13-18
CFC's First Baby Dedication Ceremony
Katie Burford: Katrina Reba Burford
Josh & Amy Bondy: Solomon Robert Bondy
Austin & Rene' Bailey: Ella Grace Bailey


Sunday 5-6-18
The Life of King David - Part 7
*Trust and obey...
*White lies can be devastating!...
*The importance of inquiring of the Lord...
*The proper way to correct a leader...


Sunday 4-29-18
The Life of King David - Part 6
Putting your trouble into context with the bigger picture.  


Sunday 4-22-18
The Life of King David - Part 5
Rev. Austin Bailey

"Beauty from Pressure, David's Flight from Saul"


Sunday 4-15-18
The Life of King David - Part 4
King Saul tries to manipulate David. Manipulation tries
to maneuver people and events to accomplish a
hidden agenda. It can be smart in the flesh but
God NEVER blesses manipulation!


Sunday 4-8-18
The Life of King David - Part 3
Have you ever had to wait a long time for something
in your life? Today’s message will teach us a
lot about Waiting On the Lord. 


Easter Sunday 4-1-18
The Next 40 Days
A rare Easter message detailing the 40 days
between Jesus' resurrection and ascension.


Sunday 3-25-18
The Life of King David - Part 2
Ever felt insignificant or unuseful?
This message will inspire you as we learn King David's
humble beginnings as a son so insignificant
his father didn't even call him by name.


Sunday 3-18-18
The Life of King David - Part 1
With the exception of Jesus, there’s probably no
other more famous person in history than King David. 


Sunday 3-11-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 6
Breaking Generational Curses

For the complete series + the lesson book CLICK HERE


Sunday 3-4-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 5
Four More Doors: 1. TV, 2. Internet
3. Cell Phone, & 4. Music Devices

For the complete series + the lesson book CLICK HERE


Sunday 2-25-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 4
The Devastating Effects of Shame.


Sunday 2-18-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 3
Shaping Your Child's Future.
Just as a sculptor chisels away at a piece of
stone until it becomes a beautiful piece of art; you
sculpt your child’s future with the words of your mouth.


Sunday 2-11-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 2
Train up each child as an individual
according to the tenor of his ways.
Plus; effective methods for changing behavior.


Sunday 2-4-18
Principles for Parenting - Part 1
A new series teaching biblical principles for parenting
godly children. This series includes principles for every area
of life and applies to everyone; even people without children.


Sunday 1-28-18
Pastor Sonny Pyatt
"The Gospel, What is It?"

Pastor Sonny covers two prominent false doctrines
and reinforces the true message of the Gospel.


Sunday 1-21-18
"The Book of Philemon"

How do you handle someone who’s living in sin
when you encounter them? And how do you
deal with a sinful culture all around you?


Sunday 1-14-18
"The Christ Family Church Vision"

It's very important to know and understand
the vision of the church you attend.


Sunday 1-6-18
"The Power and Purpose of Prayer - Part 2"

Teach us to pray 


Sunday 12-31-17
"The Power and Purpose of Prayer"

Prayer is you and God working together
to accomplish His will here on earth.


Sunday 12-24-17
"New Star"

Our Children's Church Christmas Play


Sunday 12-17-17
"How to Become a Good Samaritan"

It is always easier to cross over to the other side of the street.


Sunday 12-10-17
Greg Blackburn
"The Only Truth That Delivers"

Do you have a healthy Christian world view?


Sunday 12-3-17
"Obedience is Going to Change Your Life!"

Jesus said, “If you love Me … keep my
commandments.” There seems to be something
very important about OBEDIENCE!









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