A 42 Part Expository Teaching


1st, 2nd, & 3rd JOHN
"God Is Light"
A 9 Part Expository Teaching


"From Law to Grace"
A 12 Part Expository Teaching



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Sunday 1-14-18
"The Christ Family Church Vision"

It's very important to know and understand
the vision of the church you attend.


Sunday 1-6-18
"The Power and Purpose of Prayer - Part 2"

Teach us to pray 


Sunday 12-31-17
"The Power and Purpose of Prayer"

Prayer is you and God working together
to accomplish His will here on earth.


Sunday 12-24-17
"New Star"

Our Children's Church Christmas Play


Sunday 12-17-17
"How to Become a Good Samaritan"

It is always easier to cross over to the other side of the street.


Sunday 12-10-17
Greg Blackburn
"The Only Truth That Delivers"

Do you have a healthy Christian world view?


Sunday 12-3-17
"Obedience is Going to Change Your Life!"

Jesus said, “If you love Me … keep my
commandments.” There seems to be something
very important about OBEDIENCE!


Sunday 11-19-17
"The Purpose of the Church"

A very short service and message about
what God's Word says the church be.


Sunday 11-12-17
Before & After the Message
This video records the beautiful time before and after
the message: praying for the Burford family after the
loss of their husband/father, the Peerenboom's
becoming members, and Pastors Karen & Zal Maldonado's
last Sunday at CFC. What a wonderful church family!


Sunday 10-15-17
Pastor Alex Kendall

"2 Fish and 5 Loaves; The Power of an Ordinary Lunch"
Think your life has no meaning? Think again!
God uses ordinary people in history-changing ways!


Sunday 9-10-17
Pastor Karen Maldonado
"Discovering Your Purpose"

How do you handle importunity?
God takes the worst of storms and
turns them into stories that glorify Him.


Sunday 9-3-17
"Discovering Your Purpose"

God isn't waiting to see what you become ...
He's already decided it!


Sunday 8-27-17
"Useful for the Kingdom"

Every Christian wants to be Useful for the Kingdom,
but life's ups and downs can leave you feeling as
though God cannot use you. The story of the Bible
author John Mark will inspire and encourage you.


Sunday 8-20-17
Austin Bailey
"Isaiah in Romans Finding Security in YHWH"

Where do you find your security;
is it in your vocation, your home, or other people?
This scholarly message will give you confidence
in trusting in God as your ultimate source of security.


Sunday 8-13-17
The Five Habits of Jesus
If habits are so important and so plentiful
(both good and bad), what are the best habits
a person could possibly develop?


Sunday 8-6-17
Faith verses Magical Thinking
Are you walking in FAITH or MAGICAL THINKING?
Learn the difference between the two
so you'll never be deceived.


Sunday 7-30-17
The Work of The Holy Spirit
Pastor Zal Maldonado 


Sunday 7-23-17
Spiritual Warfare
What does it look like? How does it work?
And what scriptures do you base your answers on?


Sunday 7-9-17
His Majesty's Ministries
"The Last Supper"
Christians partake of Communion often,
but do you really know the history
and true meaning of the sacrament?
This original musical drama will give you
a deeper understanding of Communion and
why Jesus said,
"Do this in remembrance of me."


Sunday 6-25-17
Pastor Keith Conley
What is guaranteed to keep you from God's best for you?


Sunday 6-18-17
Father's Day: Greg Blackburn
"But if Not..."
We ask God to deliver us from our trouble
and He often does. But if not ... will you still trust Him?


Sunday 5-28-17
Josh Bondy
Freedom Through Servitude

What does it really mean to be free? The ability to do
whatever you want -- or the ability to do what
is best for you? Josh Bondy pulls the answer to that
question from Romans 6:12-23.


Sunday 5-14-17
Mother's Day
Pastor Evie Kendall: "Who Told You That?"

The enemy will lie to you, but only God can tell
you the Truth about who and what you are.


Sunday 5-7-17
Ten People You Cannot Help
How do you know when to help someone
and when to stop helping?
Timing may make all the difference in the world.


Sunday 4-23-17
Tommy Brown
The Seven Money Types


Sunday 4-16-17
Easter Sunday
What in the World Has Happened to Easter?

Bunnies, Eggs, & Chocolate vs.
Christ, the Cross, & the Empty Tomb


Saturday 4-8-17
Josh Bondy
Godly Love

Josh shared this powerful message
at our Men's Breakfast

Sunday 3-26-17
Dr. Rick Kendall
Turning Mountains Into Molehills
This powerful message will inspire you to look past
distractions and press towards the plan God has for you.


Sunday 2-19-17
Pastor Paul Kendall
"Six Nuggets of Truth from James Chapter 1"
An expository teaching on the first chapter of the book
of James. If you can get 6 life-changing nuggets of
Truth from just one chapter, what would happen
to your life if you studied the entire Bible?


Sunday 2-12-17
Pastor Sonny Pyatt
"God Is In The House"


Sunday 2-12-17
CFC License & Ordination Ceremony
Christ Family Church licensed and ordained 5 pastors:
Paul Kendall, Evie Kendall, Alex Kendall,
Sonny Pyatt, and Deanna Gupton.


Sunday 2-5-17
"The Power of the Holy Spirit" (Part 2)
The Gifts of the Spirit: Unity in Diversity

Have you ever wondered WHY you’re drawn
to certain ministry activities …
WHY you respond to needs the WAY that you do?
It may have a lot to do with your particular Spiritual Gifts.


Sunday 1-29-17
"The Power of the Holy Spirit" (Part 1)
Learn Who the Holy Spirit is,
what the baptism in the Holy Spirit is
and what His purpose is in your life.
In Part 2, we’ll cover the gifts of the Holy Spirit.


Sunday 1-22-17
"Fear and Love"
Pastor Zal Maldonado teaches on the love of God
And the difference between an unhealthy and
healthy "fear" of the Lord.


Sunday 1-8-17
Press Toward the Goal
Looking at what is IN THE PAST often keeps us
from what God has for us IN THE FUTURE!
Join me for this Facebook Live recording for more on
setting New Year's Goals from Philippians 3:13.


Sunday 9-18-16
Sonny Pyatt: "The Father's Business"
Do you know your true identity in Christ?
Satan will always challenge your identity in Christ...
But you are a child of God!


Sunday 8-21-16
Austin Bailey
"The Alpha and the Omega, and the Mu" 

Austin teaches from the book of Revelation
that Jesus is not only the beginning and the end,
He is with us right now; every minute of every day.


Sunday 7-10-16
Pastor Alex Kendall
"Connect the Dots"
How the church can help students connect the dots
between right-now and God's big picture for their lives.


Sunday 6-19-16
The Importance of Good Fathering
America's greatest social problem is fatherlessness.
What is the cause and what is the cure?
Malachi chapter 4 answers both questions.


Sunday 6-5-16
Spanish Ministry Day
CFC Spanish Pastors Jonathan & Karina Ordonez
minister in Spanish and English
"Close to God and Far From Anxiety."


Sunday 5-8-16
"Mom's Living Room" (Mother's Day)
Never Underestimate the Power of Your Words!


Sunday 5-1-16
Roy Kendall
The Importance of Biblical Prophecy


Sunday 4-10-16
Pastor Zal Maldonado
"I Will Not Leave You Orphans"


Easter Sunday 3-27-16
It Is Finished ... Now What?


Sunday 1-10-16
Alex Kendall is Commissioned
as CFC's Youth Pastor


Sunday 12-27-15
"Three Practical Ways to Share the Love of Christ"


Christmas Service: Sunday 12-20-15
"What Was Life Like When Christ Was Born?"

Inaugural Service: Sunday 12-6-15
"The Power of Unity With God"








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